The Suffolk County Bar Association is one of the largest voluntary bar associations in the State. We are a private organization representing lawyers of Suffolk County.


The Suffolk County Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee focuses on professional development and public education relating to animal related legal issues, and acts as a resource for information in the field to fellow attorneys and the public. The Animal Law Committee develops programs with speakers from the many diverse fields of animal welfare expertise to educate attorneys and the public regarding animals and the law.

The Dog Day Afternoon Agility Expo and Pet Fair was created by Amy L. Chaitoff, Esq., the Animal Law Committee’s founding chair in 2008. Since its inception, the event brings thousands of people from the public together with rescue organizations from all over the New York area to find forever homes for the animals in their care.


Because of the Committee's work, hundreds of animals have found forever homes, and thousands of dollars has been donated to local animal rescue organizations.  Each year the event expands in size and sees an average of 1500 visitors throughout the day.